Good work mate. These will be perfect for the conference.   Rob Croft, Mainfreight NZ Group Sales Manager

Yes, well received. I was presenting them to the teams in Aussie last week and they thought they were great.   Alistair Hughes, Mainfreight

This looks great!  We’re very impressed.   Sarah Johnson, Amplifon NZ

Watched the videos and they look fantastic.  I can't say thank you enough for the work you've put in!   Elise Sterback, VibraCorp

Its great. Awesome work!        Looks stellar! Nice work.        This video is awesome Davian!  Everyone looks great, the cuts and shots are great, Great work, thank you so much!     Abe, Jonathan and Todd, Auckland Band ‘Coach'

Bloody awesome job.   Showed it to my folks and they were blown away.   Simon And Terri Gibb, for their wedding video.



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