Rooftops Media is a West Auckland video production company dedicated to making smart, affordable and engaging video and motion media.

Rooftops' platform of services can help you make the most of today's modern technology - offering services ranging from video workshops to learn basic technical and creative video skills, to shooting, editing and packaging your media product for you.

  • Weddings
  • Family celebrations

  • Cultural and sporting events

  • Promotional and corporate videos

  • Advertising and publicity packages

  • Documentaries

  • Music Videos 

  • A wide range of other television content.

Have your project optimised for youtube, broadcast TV, DVD (or HD Bluray) or any other platform you can imagine.


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A selection of the work we have produced:

Cutting Edge Sport Promo

Promo for NZ rural sports event organisers Cutting Edge Sport.

Sculpture Clash 2012

Promotional video for the community art spectacular 'The Street Trash Sculpture Clash'.


Promo produced for the Auckland Council profiling the Matariki Wananga-a-kai event series.

Mainfreight - Dangerous goods logistics

Instructional video taking Mainfreight customers through its Chemcouriers online goods management system.


A feature length doco about energy generation and distribution in NZ (this is the trailer).

'Family Tree'

Music video for title track of Auckland band Coach's debut album.


Profile on West Auckland band Singularity and the ethos behind their music.

Askew 1 for Creative Mornings

Produced for Creative Mornings - World renowned graffiti artist Askew One on the things that inspire his work.


Learn some tricks in our video making classes, have the highlights of a business presentation captured, or make a film to celebrate your grandma, projected 50 metres high across from her house.    Contact Rooftops to see how quality and creative videos can still be cost-effective.